Dunnage Air Bags

Our Dunnage air bags can be used to stabilize, secure, and protect cargo during all sorts of transportation. Dunnage air bags are placed in the void between the cargo. Dunnage air Bags are made out of two components; an inner component that consists of a Polyethylene inner bag, the outer component is a paper bag. Our Dunnage air Bags are easier to handle & exceptionally lesser eight. The quantity of inflation air may be varied in accordance with the particular properties and requirements of the package contents. We also provide Dunnage air bags in different sizes and shapes to fit our customer requirements.


No other manufacturer focuses as much on quality as we do. This starts from the moment we receive the resin and additives that go into our extruders and continues all the way down the line until the finished bag is packed into a box and loaded onto a truck or container.
We pressure test 10% of our lightweight production and 100% of our heavy weight production.

Why Is Blocking and Bracing So Important?

If your palletized loads are placed haphazardly into a shipping container or truck, you can try to position them in such a way that prevents shifting, but chances are high that at least some movement will occur. In just about every container configuration, there will be empty space left between loads. This is where dunnage air bags come into play. They absorb impacts and shocks in order to prevent load shifting while your products are on the road, railway, or at sea. Without them, your customers are more likely to receive damaged goods that they cant use, which eats away at your bottom line by way of product replacements and reships, as well as diminishing customer satisfaction.

How Do I Know What Size Dunnage Bag To Buy?

First, measure the length of your pallets or loads that need to be braced. Second, measure the distance between the floor and the top of the load. Third, measure the void left between pallets or other cargo. That should give you a good idea of the measurements of dunnage air bag you ll need.
Sizes (inch)

What Do I Need To Inflate A Dunnage Air Bag?

Youll need three things an air gauge, an inflator, and compressed air. There are a variety of different types of inflators available, including air compressors, rapid fill tools, hose and reels, and beyond.

The Advantages Of Dunnage Air Bags

Overall, it is abundantly clear that dunnage air bags are a practical packaging solution that are easy to use and won’t burst your budget. They help you minimize cargo damage and stop wasting labor hours, so there’s no reason to wait. Contact our team today so we can assist you in finding the right dunnage air bags for your business.