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Starsage commenced business operations in year 2015 by selling container packaging materials. In a matter of years, it has grown from strength to strength and is now the market leader in the trade. Since year 2017 the Company has diversified its portfolio into Technology, Retail Trade and into Plantations. Starsage currently focuses on Packaging, Technologies, Retail Trade and Plantations for the Sri Lankan domestic market.

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Our Commitment

Starsage is committed ensuring that we have a close rapport with all our stakeholders, especailly with our customers. We pride ourselves on our commitment to ensure flawless execution and help our customers survive and thrive. Our high customer service standards, combined with our vast expertise helps us to ensure that we deliver new solutions which take our client's satisfaction to the next level.

The best moments and achievements during our journey.


Our greatest moments at work have always been related to solving a problem or creating a solution for a customer. Creative thinking, outside the box solutions, and making sure our product or service solves a problem for someone is critical to having a successful work experience.

Year 2016

During a visit to Sri Lanka the country manager of Omnik solar, one of the largest solar inverter manufacturer in China visited one of our installation sites along with our technical director & project supervisor.

Year 2019

Starsage Technologies installation team during the installation of the first solar powered hybrid ferry in Sri Lanka.

Year 2018

The Opposition leader of the parliament in Sri Lanka. Hon. Sajith Premadasa, M.P, visited our stall at BUILD SL 2018 Housing & Construction Expo which is organized by the Chamber of Construction Industry of Sri Lanka (CCI).

Year 2016

A snap take during Starsage Karting Championship 2016 at SLKC Sri Lanka. Which is a karting competition organized yearly between the internal staff & management.

Year 2021

During the launch of "I'M NOT PLASTIC" an innovative plastic free bag made from cassava material been presented to the Sri Lanka's Minister of Environment Hon. Mahinda Amaraweera by our C.E.O Mr.Dushan Kumarasinghe.

Year 2019

A photo taken inside the first solar powered hybrid ferry in Sri Lanka during a conversation between our C.E.O Mr.Dushan Kumarasinghe and Our Technical Director Mr.Lakshman Dissanayaka.

Year 2020

A beautiful capture during one of our CSR projects of installing solar energy water pumps for the farmers in Anuradhapura district in Sri Lanka.

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