Biodegradable Bags

Our Biodegradable Bags are plastic free and are made entirely from Cassava starch and other natural extracts. These bags are harmless to the plants, animals and all the environment.
Their fear of "With the economy being rediscovered the environment could be abandoned” got them thinking. Passionate about living greener, simpler and more abundant lives, looking to make a difference, determined to fill the gap for organic, fully biodegradable and compostable bags promoting themselves in a greener, more eco-friendly way, so biodegradable bags was born.


Using tape for packaging a box?

Our bags are biodegradable. Our bags softens in water and dissolves in hot water. It also passes biodegradable test (internal). Recyclable with paper, made from nature material, the products will 100% breakdown in composting conditions. Our bags are Home as well as Industrial compostable.