Ethylene Absorbers

Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers post harvesting release ethylene gas and water vapour. The ethylene gas and water vapour produced work as a catalyst to the ripening process which in turn causes faster spoilage and microbial damage. KIF sachets are the most effective way to inhibit weight loss, improve quality and shelf life. Sachets are filled with a special composition mixture of zeolite powder and potassium permanganate that causes ethylene and moisture absorption while simultaneously causing volatile bacterial inhibition (VBI).


Ethylene causes shattering, deterioration and ripening on the other hand excess moisture is likely to speed up decay and the development of mould and fungus either during the storage/transportation period or after removal from the packaging.Keep It fresh Sachets can be easily placed with fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. The sachets work in multiple ways to protect and extend shelf life of fresh produce. Keep it fresh sachets contain ethylene absorbers in a breathable Tyvek and Dupont membrane that can work under high humidity conditions. KIF Sachets are available in different gram sizes from 2, 5 and 10, gram according to customer and volumetric requirements.

How It Works
  • Absorption of Ethylene – The ethylene produced by the fresh produce is absorbed by the special minerals in the sachet that selectively absorb ethylene molecules.
  • Oxidation of Ethylene – The Ethylene is attracted towards the media in the sachet and gets oxidized to water and carbon dioxide.
  • Absorption of moisture – The excessive moisture produced within the package is also absorbed which in turn inhibits microbial growth within the package.
  • The option of having a Natural Vaporising Bio Inhibitor is available with these sachets. The active ingredient is a natural plant extract, which has the capability to inhibit microbial growth in its presence.


Simply place the recommended number of sachets in the fruit and vegetable conventional corrugated boxes or export packing. KIF sachet/pouch absorbs ethylene gas from the pack and create a bacteria free environment to extend the shelf life of packed fresh fruit and vegetables. Doses would depend upon the kind of fresh produce and the quantity of ethylene produced.

Product Options
  • Eliminate decay, mould, discoloration, wilting, softening, scald, loss of crunch and many other negative effects caused by ethylene gas.
  • Use during post-harvest handling to slow down the ripening process of fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  • Use during domestic and international shipments moving via ocean, truck, rail and air.
  • Non toxic, chemically inert and can be disposed of as normal waste.