Adhesive Tapes

We are involved in offering high quality Adhesive Tapes for packaging purposes. Our Masking Tape is used for packaging areas in the container. We also offer the Brown Tape for corrugated box packaging. Our Clear Tape is widely used for garment industry packaging purposes. Our Starling Double sided tape is multipurpose and used for general mounting for a multitude of surfaces.


Using tape for packaging a box?

Now that your product is properly protected and fitted into the proper size box, it is time to seal the box. Do not use cellophane or duct tape, as neither are strong enough to properly seal your box. Instead, look for proper packaging tapes or adhesives. Make sure you have a full seal on your product before you send it off for shipping. Apply 2-3 strips of tape where packaging overlaps, so you do not have to worry about the packaging opening during shipment. Hughes offers custom print Water Activated Tape (Gum Tape) or pressure sensitive tape which can also add to brand awareness.

Double-sided tape: how to use it regularly?

Applying double-sided tape on a surface might seem easy at first, but it's a job that requires extreme precision. So, how does it work?

  • First of all, since this tape has a double adhesive surface, you should cut the piece you need to use and remove it from its backing material – which preserves the stickiness of the exposed side.
  • Second of all, you need to apply double-sided tape on the first surface or material that requires it. Be careful how you position the tape: you must be precise and not make any piece of tape visible once the second surface is applied to it.
  • Finally, press the second surface or material to the first one, in order to make them perfectly coincide. You might need to press for a few seconds to ensure the best tape adhesion.